Christine's Camera: Blog en-us (C) Christine's Camera (Christine's Camera) Thu, 16 Nov 2017 15:29:00 GMT Thu, 16 Nov 2017 15:29:00 GMT Christine's Camera: Blog 120 96 These blurry photos made me cry.   What is the true value of a photograph?  That's a pretty difficult question to answer.  It's really in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?  Certainly, there are iconic photographs that might sell for tremendous amounts of money.  But for families, I think it can be a little more complicated.

    I've included three old photos from my childhood in this post.  Once you get past the 1980's flashback, it's clear that two of the snapshots are not at all in focus.  The last was a portrait session that my parents plunked down their hard earned cash for.  I'm sure my mom and dad would say that the professional photo is the most valuable.  After all, we all got dressed up and they paid for it, so it's more valuable, right?  I don't really see it that way.

  The first photo represents a simpler time.  We lived in a house in the country and I could roam around, catch bull frogs, eat watermelon and just be a goofy 7-year-old.  The second photo is my sister and I and our beloved dog Puff.  My parents got Puff a couple of months before I was born and she was my cherished companion for 12 years.  We taught her to jump over hurdles, went on those bull frog expeditions and she was just basically the best dog ever.  When she died, I was so grief stricken I had to be sent home from school.  All of those memories flood through me when I look at that blurry photo. 

  I don't have any warm fuzzy feelings around the posed photo at all.  I don't remember it being taken.  It doesn't even really remind me of us as a family.  My dad only wore a tie to church, to a funeral and, (wait for it)...picture day.  Same thing with me in a dress.  I was a jeans with holes in the knees tomboy.  I remember how badly it hurt when my mom would french braid our hair for photos.  That collar on my sister's dress looks like something that would have driven her nuts.  Can you see where this is heading?

  I wish that those snapshots were clearer.  I wish I had more pictures of Puff playing with us.  But as bad as those photos are technically, they mean so much more to me and I'd save them from a fire before the other one.  That's where Documentary Family Photography really comes in for me.  I strive to use my skill with a camera to give my own kids what I don't have.  I feel like professional photographs of real life gives my family a gift of present and future.  In the now, I get beautiful photographs that I can put on the wall and show off via social media.  In the future, my children, their children, and their children's children will be able to bask in the memories of the things and people that meant so much to them.  One story in a photograph can lead to others.  I make these pictures with the hope that they'll preserve the things that are most cherished to them right now.  

What about you?  What makes a photograph valuable to you?

Watermelon on the front porch. 1980


My sister and I with our dog Puff.  1980

           My family in front of a fake book case.  I don't know when it was taken, but it looks like I'm around eight?  

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When Friends Come Back to Town   This little family is one of our dearest baseball friends.  The boys played together on several teams and we were so sad when they moved to California.  Well, they came back to Colorado and wanted to know if I was available for a family shoot.  The last time they'd had professional photos taken was when their daughter was six months old.  She's 4 now!  My answer was a resounding "YES!"  

  Off to Columbine Open Space for this super fun session.  They need to come back more often!

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Beth and The Girls 2017 It's hard to believe that I've been shooting this family for three years now!  Where has the time gone?  I just love how playful and warm they are with each other.  Could you tell?  Here's to many more years to come!

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Let's Play Ball!   Here in Castle Rock, CO the weather is finally warming enough for Spring Baseball to get started.  Of course, it's May in Colorado, so you have to be prepared for freezing rain, thunderstorms or snow to make an appearance at any moment.  Luckily, my son's Panthers got their scrimmage in and I got to get some photos of them.  

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When The Champs Come to Town   My family are die hard (long time) Cubs fans.  When my husband and I first met, the Cubbies were so bad that the television broadcast featured a 90's Troll Doll popping on the screen at regular intervals to break up the pain of bad baseball.  We named our daughter Ivy after the ivy on Wrigley Field and have gone to every game we can.    So this is no bandwagon hopping crew!  

  We braved a cold and rainy afternoon to watch them lose, but we're fans rain or shine!

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What do you do when you brought the wrong lens?   You take your life into your hands and walk that 24mm as close to the bee swarm as you can!

  When I'm out and about with the family, a lot of times I'll throw on a wide angle lens to capture whatever might catch my attention.  Usually said events don't involve inherent danger...but on a recent family hike we found these bees swarming.  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to get the shot.

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As they get older...   Sometimes it amazes me how many peaceful moments there are with a tween.  When they were little, silence meant that something bad was happening.  Now that my kids are older, when things get really quiet, I usually find them deep in contemplation over something.  And when it happens in pretty light...I grab my camera. 

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May Flowers   There's something exciting about May.  My homeschoolers and I know we're in the home stretch before summer break.  We know that soon our days will be filled with hikes, barbecue, and grandpa's pool.  Maybe with Mother's Day around the corner, I'll get an underwater housing for my camera...

  Things here in Castle Rock start (slowly) changing from brown to green.  We're not quite in full bloom just yet though.  So the kids and I head to the Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street to really get our flower fix.  Here are some fun shots I got from our last trip to the gardens.  These are the moments that get me through the spring snow storm that will inevitably hit once more before summer makes it way to my neck of the woods.

May FlowersWhat do April Snow Showers bring? Why May Flowers of course! May FlowersWhat do April Snow Showers bring? Why May Flowers of course! May FlowersWhat do April Snow Showers bring? Why May Flowers of course! May FlowersWhat do April Snow Showers bring? Why May Flowers of course! May FlowersWhat do April Snow Showers bring? Why May Flowers of course!

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Our trip to The Lego Americana Road Show   The Lego Americana Road Show is only visiting nine cities in 2017.  We're so lucky to have it in our own back yard (if you're in the Metro Denver area, head over to Park Meadows and check it out!) and this weekend the kids got a Lincoln Memorial kit that they could make and keep.  Needless to say, we jumped in the car to take in all of the displays.

  I'll be honest, if I'd known that being a Lego Master Builder was a real thing, I might have made some different choices when I was younger!  I hope you enjoy these photos of my family enjoying the displays!

  These pieces really do warrant close inspection.  The amount of detail they are able to add to a Lego building is incredible.

  It's not often that my little guy looks small, but a 15 foot Washington Memorial will do it.  

  Like most of the guests, I probably spent the most time around the capital building.  It's absolutely massive!

There's something really neat about seeing the young and old really enjoying these pieces.

Getting a close up look at the arches of Lego Independence Hall.

  Lego Lady Liberty.

  In addition to all the Lego monuments, there are tons of other displays to check out.  This one is a Lego Mall with it's own Americana Road Show.  Take a close look and see if you can find Homer Simpson...

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Laughter and Love        This is the second time I've gotten to photograph the extended Herbert Family.  They just keep getting better!  I look forward to these shoots for weeks.  And this time, I brought my best assistant with me; my daughter!  At least half of these happy faces are thanks to her.

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Watching these girls grow!    I honestly can't think of a bigger compliment than when a family books me regularly.  This family is so precious to me!  Beth is a kindred spirit, Georgia is just about the loveliest young lady I've ever met, and Lily is sunshine captured in a little girl!  

   And I was so excited to find out that Georgia took a photography class as an elective at school.  She wanted ME to take a look at her stuff.  Woo Hoo!  I have a new photography buddy!

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Extended Family Sessions are so much fun!      You have to admit that when you think of extended family photo sessions; you think of the super formal, super posed, everyone wearing matching clothes and matching fake smiles that many of us had to endure when we were kids.  It wasn't just me, right?  

     Lucky for me, I have the coolest clients in the world who barely bat an eyelash when I tell them we're going to skip and play simon says.  And they laugh at my horrible jokes, too!  Who could ask for more?  

     I can't wait to shoot the Sieck family again!  Here are a few of my favorites.

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Fresh 48 Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to start offering these sessions.  Now that Mr. Christine's Camera works from home, I have much more flexibility.  And that means I can visit these families right away and photograph those precious early moments in babies life.  Nothing makes my heart pitter patter like documentary photography and I'm thrilled with these.  I hope you like them too!


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Have you finished all your holiday shopping?   If you have, then I have to admit that I am deeply jealous!  No matter how hard I try to stay ahead of the game, I'm always that person who's finishing up at the eleventh hour.  If you're like me, then I have the perfect last minute gift.

  I offer gift certificates that make the perfect stocking stuffer.  You can purchase any amount and your recipient can use it towards a session or prints!  

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The best laid plans...   I consider myself a life long lover of learning.  So it's not surprising that I'm constantly taking classes, breakout sessions and reading books about photography to enhance my art.  Recently, I was enjoying just such a breakout, which included an assignment to "style" a photography shoot.

  Winter is not the time of year to be styling anything outdoors, so I decided to come up with something indoors.  Since the holidays are in full force and I love doing crafts with the kids, it came to me...gingerbread house decorating.  Things quickly changed!  While scouring Pinterest for inspiration, I stumbled on a gingerbread house decorating party.  When I showed it to my daughter, who just happens to have a December birthday, my styled photo shoot morphed into my daughter's all time favorite birthday party.  Oh well, I'll have to come up with something else. 

  Of course I still took photos though...

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Nikki is a senior! Today I want you to meet Nikki. Intellectual, fun loving, big sister are the words that come to mind when I think about this young woman. 


When her mom contacted me to shoot her senior session, I found out that her aunt is a photographer in California, so the stakes were pretty high.  :)


Mother Nature was bound and determined to put a halt to the session, but I wasn't going to throw in the towel.  It rained like cats and dogs right up until session time, but once we got going everything went great.  Beautiful glowing light and a rainbow as we loaded into our cars at the end.  What else can you ask for?


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Jaimi and Joe got hitched! Let's give it up for one amazing couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson! 



I absolutely loved photographing Jaimi and Joe's wedding at Raccoon Creek Country Club and their beautiful Barn. 


I met Jaimi and Joe for the first time at another wedding and then more officially when I took their engagement photos at 17 Mile Marker House in Parker and we hit it off instantly. They are so authentic and playful, so it was a perfect match!


Who else would let me take a photo like this? 



Their wedding day was perfect! They went for a rustic/country style wedding; complete with wood platters for the cupcakes that Joe made himself.  By far, my favorite moment came when Jaimi read vows she'd written to her new stepdaughter.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house (mine included).  Everything about the ceremony was so touching and genuine...just like Jaimi and Joe! 


I wish Jaimi and Joe many more years of love and happiness!! 



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Capturing Holiday Cheer It's that time of year again.   The holidays are upon us.  I think my family and I do more in November and December than I do all year.  As a photographer, I know the struggle is real when it comes to photographing these special moments.  One of my favorite photography websites published these tips for capturing holiday photos.  Definitely check these out!


I also invite you to try and take more unposed, candid shots of your holiday.  Have you ever gone back through your photos and noticed that most of them are of your family lined up like pickets in a fence standing in front of something (Christmas tree, grandmas fireplace, holiday display in your town)?  Maybe try something different.  


The kids wanted to make cookies yesterday, so I grabbed some detail shots of the action.  And yes, at one point I stood on top of my dinner table.  Just don't tell my husband.

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Beth's 2015 Holiday Session Oh how I just adore the family I'm blogging about today. I'm lucky enough to say I've been photographing Beth, Georgia and Lily for 2 years now! I truly can't believe how much the girls have grown and changed since I first met them. 



Georgia is still an avid reader and probably reading more intellectual stuff than I do.  Lily is a firecracker, but she's growing up so fast!  That baby face of hers is so grown up looking now! 


And, it goes without saying, Beth is such a dear friend!   It's hard to not become friends with someone like her, she's so grounded, honest and (best of all) tons of fun. 


When Beth was ready to do their annual holiday session, I immediately began counting down the days to our session! 


And as for the day of the shoot, we had to do a little rearranging to avoid putting them in snow drifts, but I think Cheeseman park worked out even better than my original location.  We laughed, ran, climbed trees, played in leaves and just generally had an amazing time.


Okay, enough text. Check out this awesomely beautiful family! 



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Welcome baby Kurt! I feel so incredibly lucky to have gotten to photograph this beautiful baby boy.  I did mom and dad's wedding photos and they're just such loving and warm couple.  When Liz contacted me to do Kurt's newborn photos and was on board for a more organic/lifestyle type of session I was thrilled.  This is, by far, my favorite way to photograph people.  And I sincerely believe I took some of my best photographs ever during this session.


What more can I say?  Take a look for yourself!



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