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  Hello! I'm so glad you've come to check out my site. My name is Christine and I'm a former Mamarazzi turned professional photographer. With enough coffee, I can do anything...at least that's what I tell myself when I'm hovering over the Keurig; waiting for that first precious mug.  But I bet you've heard that story before, right?

  My greatest love is my family; my husband of 18 years, Ken and my two precious kiddos.  They inspire so much of what I do.  I'm that crafty, make it from scratch, homeschooling mama.  Now that my oldest has entered the land of teenager, I've started panicking about what I'll do when they grow up and leave me.  My husband says that I'll just have to hang out with him!  I might just have to switch from coffee to wine...

  Just like many, many other moms turned photographers out there, I really tried to fit in at first.  That didn't work so well, since I'm not the conformist type.  I noticed that the photos I was taking for myself and the ones I was taking for everyone else were miles apart.  That had to change, because I knew that you guys love your family as much as I do and it wasn't fair to keep the good stuff for myself.

  I think life is one big, beautiful mess, don't you?  It's the mountains of stuffed animals that my kids can't part with.  It's the less living room where everyone is together.  Real life is beautiful, which is why I'm moving out of the fields and parks and into the spaces that you love most.  I know, in my heart, that you're going to miss the chaos someday.  You're going to want to remember life.  That's what I'm here for.  Let me show you how perfect your life really is; by not being perfect at all!

  Documentary sessions start at $500.  Wedding Packages start at $2000.  For detailed package information, feel free to contact me.